Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Second Cameraman

Muahahah.. The moment you've been waiting for...


Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Introduction Video

Enjoy. Glory to God.

Don't like it? At least He does.

Rejected Introduction Video

We didn't screen this one because we did not have enough time and we didn't want too many videos to be screened.

Enjoy. Glory to God.

Sorry if you don't enjoy it. I know He does.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Where are them pictures?! Can't find it. Our past year's "camerawomen" all joined the choir this year. Uh-OH... No pictures?! Hahaha! Kidding.

Click HERE, for all of them. Taken by Mr. Daniel our cameraman #1. Now finding for the second cameraman... Hahah.. Glory to God.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Monday, 2 July 2007


Preparing for this rally is kinda like we're on a racing track with our uber fast racing cars. After the first committee meeting and the picking of portfolios, we left the starting line; some made progress on the race track, some, just can't manoeuvre at the right time. All cars made through most of the laps and had their pit stops to get ready for the last part of the race - the part where we take our cars to the limits - the part where we accelerate and never look back. Something different about this race than any other ordinary racing sports. We do not race among each other to win, but we race TOGETHER to WIN. This year's rally is like the finishing line for all of us; no, let me rephrase that, this year's rally is the finishing line for what we've planned for. After the rally, our portfolios are gonna change, the reason of racing is gonna be different.

But let's not focus on what's gonna happen AFTER the rally for now. Let's focus on what's HAPPENING before and DURING the rally. Are you believers gonna take the stand to share to your friends before the rally? Are you people gonna cheer and motivate your friends to go up to the front during the altar call? Every single person, has a part to play. Even though you're not part of the committee, but remember, the committees are just here to organise the rally, YOU're assign by God to IMPACT your friends' life before the rally. Share about the Good News before the rally to your friends, pray for them, then bring them for rally. Let them feel God's love during the whole event.

Be blessed for those who are coming. Come with a desperate heart, or, just attend the rally for the sake of fun. I bet that you'll enjoy the fun in the presence of the Lord. God loves you, He cares, all you need to do is to say, "YES". One simple word.

Glory to God for He has and will always help us and care for us. Thank God for all the blessings He has given to us. Time to return all of them to Him. Sprint, not jog, the time has come. Amen.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

6 More DAYS?!

Typing the title made my palm sweat due to the excitement.. 6 more days left till ISCF Rally. Hope all of you already asked your parents' permission, found transportation, saved money and etc etc for this rally. But something more important than that is, hope you guys are praying for this rally to be a success. Remember, success of this rally is not putting up a good show and performance, or to bring as many friends to rally as possible, but the success is the number of souls that are saved after the rally. It doesn't end there people, when we achieve something, we're sure to enhanced anything that we've already achieved. For example: you get straight A's for SPM, don't tell me that you're gonna stop there only? Surely you would like to further your studies to achieve something better than what you've already achieved. So people, seeing souls saved is the starting point of success for this rally. This rally can only be labeled as something successful, if all those saved souls, grow mature in Spirit. That's what we wanna see during and after the rally. We not only want to see Klang being saved, but Klang WORSHIPING GOD! That's the ultimate prayer of all the committees of this year's ISCF Rally. Love Malaysia my fellow friends, love the Malaysians - your neighbours. Glory to God for everything He has done in our lives, for this rally. Let ONLY HIS name be glorified, in this rally, no one else. All credits goes to Him, to Him alone. Amen.

Don't stop promoting this rally. Keep on promoting, pushing and persuading if you have to. Do this not because you were forced to or to be famous, but do it for God.

Saturday, 30 June 2007


Rehearsal last night was awesome. We rehearsed the performances (both dance and skit), the Praise and Worship (two songs only) and... Wait, that's all lerr. Hahaha. The timing this year was awesome - for the rehearsal of each agenda that is. People came on time and there was ample time for comments and critiques for our fellow participants. After the rehearsal, we prayed for both our presidents (we love both of you =P).

After the rehearsal, there was usher training and choir practice. The choir sounds awesome. Good to see that there are many people in this team. For the ushers though, please be more pumped up. Last night I went around, you guys are like, literally dead. Sorry to say that. Put them smile on your face, be loud, there's nothing to lost if you give your all to God. Remember ushers, you people are the first person the rally-comers are gonna meet. So, accept everybody by showing God's love to them. Be radical. Be excited.

For all of you people who are planning to come for the rally, don't plan, make it as your final answer to really really really come for the rally. It's gonna be awesome. Just praying about it really makes more adrenalin hormone pumped out into my body. So people, keep praying for the rally, for good weather, for everything to run smoothly, and also for your FRIENDS! They're the utmost important people in the rally, your non-believer friends. If you want to see them save, do your part for now, pray for them, or maybe share to them about the Good News before the rally. Persuade them to come! Haha!

I hope that every school has already started to pass around them fliers. We only have a week to promote, so, lets do this with a willing heart, to sacrifice your time just to hand out fliers. Make sure every student in your school knows!!!! This rally might, wait, I mean, WILL change their lives! Glory to God. Amen.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Usher Training

All serving ushers for this ISCF Rally, please be informed that there will be an usher training/meeting this Friday during the rehearsal. It starts at 7:30PM till 9:00PM. Please be punctual and your attendance is compulsory. Those who do not attend this training/meeting will be stripped off the team. As much as we want to serve the Lord, the Lord also requires discipline from all His servants. God bless.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


Muahahaha! It's rehearsal time! We're gonna run through a full rehearsal before the rally on the 29th of June from 6:00PM till 8:00PM I think in Klang Baptist Church. We're gonna run through the dances, the skit, ushers are gonna have their first meeting, the Praise and Worship team will play two songs (I think). So yeah, this rehearsal is for EVERY SERVING PERSON IN THIS REPEAT. It's COMPULSORY. Yes, IT'S COMPULSORY. Our President used the word "SERIOUS" (first time.....) in his Email to all the committees. So boys and girls who are serving in this rally, please make sure you attend this rehearsal. It's very very important. That's when people can give us comments on where are we weak in and stuff like that so that we can improve before the rally itself.

So people, PLEASE TRY TO MAKE IT... WAIT... YOU PEOPLE MUST ATTEND THE REHEARSAL. Sorry for any inconvinience(sp?). We really need to have this rehearsal. God bless to all of you people who sacrifice a lot for this rally. Remember, you're not doing this because some mad CF president asked you to, but because God has planted something in your heart and now you're serving Him. Not the rally committees. It'll be awesome if we had FULL attendance.

For those who are feeling stressed up, please pray! When we're serving the Lord, the Satan will surely attack us if he finds any foot holes he can step in. Remember, the committees are keeping all of you in prayer. If you have a problem, just go to your CF president and request for a prayer or something. God bless all of you Servants of Christ.

REMEMBER! Rehearsal's on the 29th of June 2006, 6:00PM till 8:00PM, Klang Baptist Church (it's right opposite Lotus Restaurant).